About the Project

Summary of Problems

Problem #1

Congested I‑95 N / I‑93 S interchange. Circuitous route from Washington St. to take I‑93 S.

Problem #2

Four lanes on I‑93 S result in bottleneck delays during peak hours.

Problem #3

Short off-ramp to Montvale Ave. is a crash hot-spot. Collision rate is more than 4 times the state average.

Summary of Solution

A. Revise Existing I-93 South On-Ramp

New access point at the end of Cedar St. removes traffic from congested I‑95 N / I‑93 S weave and traffic on Montvale Ave. destined for I‑93 S.

B. Convert I‑93 S Breakdown Lane to New Travel Lane

Reduces bottleneck delays that can occur in peak hours.

C. Additional Lane Becomes Exit Only Lane

The longer exit lane will increase deceleration length to reduce collisions at the off ramp.

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