Low-cost Project to Improve the I‑93 / I‑95 Interchange

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A Project to Improve Massachusetts' Most Congested Interchange

Over the past 20 years, traffic around the I-95/I-93 Interchange has increased exponentially, making it continuously more difficult to travel within Woburn, Reading, Stoneham and the surrounding communities.

Regardless of the time of day, traffic on Montvale Avenue and Washington Street backs up due to the significant number of vehicles traveling to I‑93 South.

A three-part low-cost solution is proposed to deliver an immediate improvement to the congested interchange and adjacent roads.

Our coalition of local governments, businesses, residents, and community leaders support the city of Woburn's I-93 / I-95 interchange improvement project.

New Access Point to I-93 South from Cedar Street

Revising the existing on-ramp with an additional access point to I-93 S at the end of Cedar St. will reduce traffic at the surrounding areas, diverting traffic from the I-95 interchange as well as Montvale Ave.

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Project Benefits

  • Reduced interchange congestion and added transport capacity to support regional economic growth
  • Relatively low total cost (est. $10M), as compared to interchange reconstruction ($300M)
  • I‑93 / I‑95 interchange traffic reduction from new I‑93 S access point at the end of Cedar St., Woburn (by revising existing I-93 S on-ramp)
  • Decreased traffic at I-93 intersection at Montvale Ave, Woburn and surrounding areas from drivers avoiding busy I‑93 / I‑95 interchange
  • Capacity for quick implementation during 2022 construction season
  • I-93 S breakdown lane conversion to new travel lane adds freeway capacity, easing peak-hour bottleneck delays where I‑95 traffic joins I‑93 S
  • Reduced congestion to yield environmental benefit, with fewer vehicle emissions generated at interchange
  • Interchange traffic relief and addition of lengthy exit-only lane (off I‑93 S to Montvale Ave) to yield reduction in collisions and pileups

Project Steps

On-ramp federal approval process
In Progress
Final project design
State/federal fund sourcing
Construction (with secured funding)


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